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Cocona Nata de Coco has become beverage which has been interested since a long time ago.

It is made from coconut water fermentation, Cocona Nata de Coco generally has white transparent color and is cut into cubes.


With high fiber conscience and medium sugar level make Cocona Nata de Coco beverage to be the exact choice  to quench the thirst.

Product Packing

Cocona Nata de Coco has Cocopandan, Lychee, Mango, and Melon flavors.

Gross Weight
Per Carton
Packing Total Carton
per 20 FCL
Big Cup 5 Kg 24 Cups x 220 gr 3000 Cartons
Mini Cup 6 Kg 48 Cups x 120 gr 2750 Cartons
Plastic Bag 13 Kg 12 Bags x 1000 gr 1350 Cartons


Cocona Nata de Coco has been widely distributed to large cities and small towns in whole Indonesia.

Cocona Nata de Coco is better preserved in cool and dry place.
The period of validity of Cocona Nata de Coco is generally one year after the date of production.
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